What Is a Stone Slinger? Top 5 Benefits for Your Project

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In the world of construction, efficiency, and precision are paramount. Whether it’s building a new skyscraper in downtown Toronto or creating a small backyard oasis, the right tools can make all the difference. Among these, the stone slinger stands out as an invaluable piece of equipment. But what exactly is a stone slinger, and how […]

The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Recycled Aggregates for Your Project

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As awareness of the environmental impact of construction activities grows, industry professionals continually seek methods to adopt more sustainable practices in their projects.  One such approach gaining popularity is using recycled aggregates as an alternative to conventional materials in construction projects. John Eek & Son Ltd., a leading provider of concrete and aggregates solutions, is […]

5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Basement Excavation Method


A basement is a crucial part of any residential or commercial building. It provides additional living or storage space, protects the foundation from moisture, and can even increase the property value. However, constructing a basement requires excavation, which can be daunting. Choosing the correct method is essential to ensure the workers’ safety and the building’s […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Aggregate Materials in Construction

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Construction is an essential aspect of human civilization. From the ancient times of building the pyramids to modern-day skyscrapers, construction has always been a part of human history. One of the critical components of construction is aggregates. Aggregates are a vital part of construction materials, making up the bulk of concrete, asphalt, and other materials. […]