There are several different Quarry products manufactured to do a variety of jobs in the construction industry. Limestone is mainly used in concrete, asphalt and road base construction. We work with several limestone producers to provide our customers with the right material for their job at the best possible price. Here are the most common materials:

- Crushed limestone made up of ¼" Chips and dust.

- It has great compaction and is typically used as a grading base for patios.

- Crushed limestone made up of ¼" Chips

- Used as a drainage layer around walls and pipe bedding trenches. Can be easily compacted.

- Crushed limestone made up of ¾" stones with no fines.

- Used for drainage under concrete and weeping tiles.

- Crushed limestone made up of 2" stones with no fines.

- Used for drainage or can be used as a base where there is unstable ground conditions.

- Crushed limestone made up of a variety of sizes ranging from 4" to 6".

- Used as erosion control as well as a base where there are unstable wet conditions.

- Limestone that ranges in sizes from 12" to 30".

- Used as shoreline protection along river banks, streams and around culverts.

- Crushed limestone ranging in size from ¾" to dust.

- Used as a base under road ways, driveways and walkways.

- Crushed limestone ranging in size from 2" to dust.

- Generally used as a first layer base when constructing roads and parking lots. Its larger size provides a stronger base for high traffic areas.

- Blocks that are quarried in a range of sizes.

- Smaller blocks are used in landscape design and retaining walls. Larger blocks are used for retaining walls and shoreline protection.

- Crushed limestone ranging from 3/8" to 3/4".

- Used in sewer and water mains as a backfill around pipe or is often used as a base under residential or commercial concrete slabs.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality aggregates that we source from all the major suppliers all over southern and central Ontario. This ensures a quality product at competitive prices. Here is a list of our most common used products:

- Is crushed stone mixed with course sand ranging from ¾" to fine sand.

- Used for walkway, driveway, parking lot and road construction. Preferred over limestone because of its ability for water to drain.

- Is blend of round stone with sand. Stone varies in size.

- Granular sub base for roads and parking lots. Good draining characteristics which helps prevent frost.

- Clear stone with no fines. Washed or non-washed.

- Used for patios, dog runs and in flat roofing applications.

- Unscreened bank Sand with traces of small stones.

- Used for backfilling excavations.

- Screened Sand

- Mixed with masonry Portland to make mortar.

- Screened Sand

- Fine sand great for playgrounds and sand boxes. Used on all City of Barrie beaches.

Native soil from the Simcoe county or York Region

- Native farm field soil screened to ¾"

- Used as a base for flower beds and lawns.

- Mixture of 3 equal parts of topsoil, peat and compost.

- Used for planting and maintaining gardens and lawns.

- Topsoil that has not been screened or shredded.

- Used as a base to grow vegetation.

Decretive stones

- Mixed colour of round stones

- Used as ground cover in landscape designs

- Mixed colour of round stones

- Used as ground cover in landscape designs and used as erosion control

- Mixed colour of stones that vary in shapes and sizes.

- Used in landscape designs and erosion control.

- Large stones ranging in shapes and size, 1-10 metric ton.

- Used as features in parks or shoreline protection.

Shredded wood chips used as ground cover in gardens and around trees. Sourced from a local supplier.

- Produced using a blend of old and new bark, is a rich brown colour. Most popular mulch.

- A natural mulch using cedar bark has a very pleasant cedar aroma. Cedar is a long lasting mulch because of the natural oils that help to slow decay. Also, cedar mulch has been reported to help repel some pests like ticks, fleas, and other insects.

- Produced using a blend of both pine and cedar. The dark colour makes plants and landscaping stand out.

- Produced using virgin wood chips, has a bright long lasting red colour.