Eek Concrete Ltd

Eek Concrete proudly serves Simcoe County and York region, but with our mobile mixer truck we can go anywhere.
We supply residential as well commercial projects and specialize in a variety of strengths. Our services are ideal for contractors and homeowners who installing curbs, sidewalks, porches, garages, shed pads pools and whatever else you can think of.

The main ingredients in our concrete include, sand, stone, water and portland. All of these ingredients remain separate on the truck until dispensed. We also carry several add mixtures that can be incorporated based on your individual needs.

Mobile Mixer Advantages

  • Pay for what you use

  • Concrete is measured off to the ¼ meter. You never have to worry about over or underestimating your quantities. Whether you need a few wheel barrow loads or a full load we got it covered.

  • Premium Concrete

  • Our truck mixes your concrete on site ensuring the highest quality concrete possible. The advantage of our concrete truck is we are able to customize your slump range from 0" to 10". We can also adjust on the spot as well to ensure you get the consistency you need for your job.

  • Fresh Concrete

  • Not only is our concrete mixed on site ensuring the freshest concrete possible but being able to dispense on demand at any pace also gives Eek concrete the advantage over premixed cement that can sometimes result in hot loads.

  • Multiple Mixes

  • Our truck is capable of supplying different mix designs from a single load saving you valuable time and money. We can also create custom mixes on site. We simply program it into our truck and dispense.


Our truck can is set up to make several mixes:
  • - 32C2
  • - 25Mpa
  • - 20Mpa
  • - U Fill
  • - 10mm Concrete
  • - Fibermesh

We can custom make any mix you require if we don't already make it.