About John Eek & Son

Health And Safety

At John Eek & Son Ltd. we take great pride in our company and want only the best drivers and operators for our equipment. Our trucks and equipment are under a strict maintenance program. We service our vehicles in our own garage, located at our head office.

At John Eek & Son Ltd. we have an in house health and safety commitee that includes personelle from management as well as employees. We out source to a health and safety company that manages our committee and our team of employees and maintains our records to make sure we are never out of compliance.

John Eek & Son Ltd. is also a member of the Browz group that keeps track of our CVOR, insurance, and WSIB.

We prescreen all of our apllicants. The process includes a face to face interview and their CVOR abstract must be clean. We pull their abstracts frequently and they must remain clean. They also incur in cab training and driving before a final evaluation.

We supply all of our employees with company apparel that includes shirts with reflective strips for all seasons. They are also given personal hearing protection, dust masks, safety glasses, tear away vests and their own first aid kit.

John Eek & Son Ltd. strongly believes that there is no job worth any persons safety.

Brief History

John Eek bought his first truck back in 1953. John wasn't always in the gravel buisness but he always had a passion for trucks. He started off by purchasing a flat bed truck which he used to haul concrete blocks from Maple, Ontario to all areas around the GTA. It was a very strenuous job because at this time you had to load and unload every block by hand.

In 1957 he bought a fuel truck and was an agent for Esso. He had two trucks on the road delivering gas, diesel and home heating oil around Bradford, the Holland Marsh and Newmarket. In 1960 he was approched by Supertest to open an agency for them in Newmarket. He also had a gravel truck to help keep things going in the summer months.

He really enjoyed the gravel business so in 1962 he sold his fuel truck to Alan Bray. That enabled him to buy his second single axle dump truck. In 1965 he bought his first tandem dump and in 1967 he bought his first new tandem dump. By this time he was operating 3 trucks. John had opened and operated some gravel pits in the Bradford area and had bought some older front end loaders for loading his trucks.

He operated his trucking buisness from his home in Holland Landing and built a shop there in 1967 to service his trucks.

In 1975 his son Dave started working for him. John bought his fourth tandem at this time. By 1980 the fleet had grown to 8 tandems. In 1987 the first two tri-axle dumps were purchased . The fleet had grown to 13 trucks including one dump trailer.

John got into the excavating portion of the business in 1984 which included an excavator, one bulldozer and a track loader. The area was growing and the fleet did also.

In 1988 he bought property in Bradford where there was a new shop and office built to accommodate the growing.

John had always been involved in the winter months working for the MTO with a single axle snow plow. In 1992 we got our first contract with the mto servicing the 400 highway along with the other roads owned by the MTO. We were supplying 13 trucks including snow plows and salt trucks. This portion of the buisness was operated by Dave and it expanded to 35 trucks by 1997.

We currently operate 28 snow plows in the winter and work all over Ontario from the GTA, city of Barrie and the North Bay area.

In 1996 we purchased property in Springwater township and licensed 50 acres for a gravel pit.

Today the fleet has a variety of different trucks from tandems, tri-axles, pony trucks, end dumps, to a hopper, and a live bottom truck. We also offer flat bed and float services.

Dave's three sons Darryl, Joel and Kevin all began working for the company from a young age and continue to do so.

They all take great pride in what their grandfather and father started and continue to operate a professional and safe trucking company. Together they continue to offer their employees a safe enviroment to work in along with excellent trucks and equipment to operate. They continue to supply their customers with prompt and professional service.

We are proud of the fact many of our employees have worked here for over 20 years, some over 30.